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Why making Heart Rate Sensors

For the past decades many professional and consumer applications emerged in the area of health, fitness and entertainment requiring sophisticated yet very simple in use devices that measure heart rate. The market is flooded with simple and very inexpensive Heart Rate Monitors and Pulse Sensors significantly lacking accuracy and robustness of measurement. This makes products using those devices unreliable and instead of becoming helpful tools they turn out to be like toys.

Heart Sensor – Advancement in Digital Health Sensing

We came up with a unique HeartSensor product line that can be used in any kind of applications whether professional or consumer. Our digital sensor technologies provide high level of accuracy and robustness of measurement even in motion. They are the heart rate sensing devices you can trust!

Excellent Solutions for Heart Rate Monitors and Heart Rate Variability Applications
We offer low-cost OEM Pulse Wave sensors good for simple consumer applications and professional research and educational use.



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HeartsensorHeartSensor HRS-07UE USB ear-clip Pulse Wave Sensor

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HeartSensor HRS-07UE USB Ear-clip Pulse Wave Sensor

HeartSensor HRS-07UЕ is the smallest ear-clip sensor specifically designed for long-term pulse measurement. Being placed on earlobe it does not restrict users keeping their hands free during signal recording. Its thin and light USB cable does not pull earlobe down and allows moving in near proximity to PC. Its low cost and high quality of pulse measurement makes it suitable for consumer health and fitness applications.

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HeartsensorHeartSensor HRS-06UF USB Finger-clip Pulse Wave Sensor

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HeartSensor HRS-06UF USB Finger-clip Pulse Wave Sensor

HeartSensor HRS-06UF is the best solution for frequent and quick tests based on pulse measurement. Its original design makes it very easy to place on any finger. Its thin and light USB cable makes it possible to put on finger in both directions for highest comfort especially for women with long nails. Its high fidelity makes it suitable for professional medical and research applications.

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Key benefits:

  • Standard USB interface makes our sensors compatible with various PC and some mobile platforms
  • State-of-the-art digital signal processing provides robust heart rate data
  • Lightweight superior design makes sensors convenient to wear
  • Medical grade signal accuracy and quality
  • All digital circuitry significantly reduces signal noise

Potential Users

  • Professional and amateur athletes
  • Biofeedback and healthcare practitioners
  • Health cautious consumers
  • School and college students
  • Biomedical and sports researchers
  • Military and emergency services personnel

Our Clients

  • American Board of Sports Psychology
  • AMS Media
  • Ark Trading Pacific
  • Biocom Technologies
  • East Carolina University

Our Clients

  • Essence Security
  • Hongchi Electronic Co., Ltd.
  • Klaipeda University
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • RTI International