About Us

BINACOR LLC was originally founded in 2004 under a business name BINAR by a group of professionals having exceptional experience in the field of electronics and software development coming from their past work in large research and development centers.

Our goal was to establish a small startup company having flexibility and high-performance in mind to quickly respond to growing demands of various segments of hi-tech markets using cutting edge technologies and advanced electronic solutions.

Creating super-miniature electronic components, personal smart devices and wireless technologies for data transfer at the beginning of this century has made breakthrough in the field of mobile applications. Therefore the main direction we chose was design and development of miniature electronic devices and mobile information systems for business, medicine, sports, consumer and industrial applications.

Our main approach is to research various areas spheres of human activity to come up with new concepts of electronic and computer applications. Implementation of these ideas brings hot innovative products improving quality of a life.

While communicating with partners and clients we reveal great potential for significant improvement, modification or complete upgrade of their electronic devices and computer systems. Redesign of the existing products allows for to regain their attractiveness and competitiveness.

Our extensive professional experience, use of state-of-the-art development tools and well-managed team of highly professional analysts, electronic engineers, programmers and designers ensures us providing high-quality services to our clients.